Lottery Magic

What is Lottery Magic?

Lottery Magic is a random number generator (RNG) designed specifically for the Powerball Multi-State lottery.

Ticket Creation Screen

Lottery Magic Ticket Creation Screen

What makes Lottery Magic different from other RNGs?

Lottery Magic is configurable. You can control how numbers are generated by setting exclusion rules for both white balls and Powerball numbers.

White Ball Exclusion Screen

Exclude numbers for the white ball portion of the draw

Exclude Red ball screen

Exclude numbers from the Powerball portion of the draw

What other features does Lottery Magic offer?

Previous Draws

Lottery Magic provides quick access to the previous 10 Powerball drawings.

Configure the Number of Tickets (draws) to Create

Set the number of draws to create easily from the settings screen.

Settings Screen

Settings Screen

Get the app now and take control of your tickets!

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